Over the last five decades, ETS has forged strong partnerships with market leaders in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Venezuela and Scandinavia to offer a single contact for the highest quality multilingual dubbing. ETS coordinates each project from master copy right through to the final mix.

Sound desing

Cutting-edage audio technology continues to push the boundaries of sound design. Our ambitious company has married digital opportunities with top sound engineers to guarantee exceptional quality whatever the brief. Our studio also houses an ever expanding library of digital sound effects.

Mixing Studio

Some members of our dubbing team have experience going back to the days of "Dallas"! We cater for all projects, all phases: dubbing, re-recording and M&E integration.

Remote Dubbing

Thanks to special hook-ups, we can dub at a distance. This service allows real-time monitoring and intervening. For example, clients in New York or Los Angeles can supervise all dubbingand mixing taking place in Rome, Madrid, Paris, London or Berlin. The ideal solution for any project destined for pan-European release.

Production and Post

ETS works with a network of leading agencies to supply video-shoot crews and supervises the complete project, including editing, utilising cutting-edge software and highly skilled technicians.

Video transfer

Our video facilities can supply maximum quality copies in multisystem: Betacam Digitale, Betacam IMX, Betacam SX, Betacam SP, Pollice, Umatic. Possiamo anche duplicare DVD e VHS da una singola copia a quantitativi industriali.


We can meet all your requirements with our VHS production department, from assembling V-0s with BASF tape to all your videocassette copies exclusively reproduced from Masters directly onto our multiple VCRs in real time, always maintaining maximum quality.


Our video suite is tailored to cater for all regional colour systems, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM.


The appetite for enhanced visual enjoyment and aural authenticity has revolutionised both titling and subtitling. ETS's design team offer state-of-art on screen graphics and full subtitling services in any language.