European Television Service

Since its inception ETS has operated at the forefront of Italian broadcasting, providing audio and video solutions to istitutuins suck as RAI and Mediaset and a host of global giants including Universal, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Jetix, MTV, Paramount, Mattel, Hasbro and leading channels on the SKY network including: FOX, FOXlife, The History Channel, Universal Studios and National Geographic Channel.

Several decade long experience

A continous program of technological investment combined with flexible company structure and 50 years of frontline experience enables ETS to meet the requirements of today's 24 hour TV/film industry. We offer a "one-stop-shop", fully equipped to handle all aspects of audio/visual post production, in-house. This dinamic and unique service negates the need to sub-contract, guaranteeing that ETS retains complete control and delivers at an aggressive price.

Whether it's multilangual dubbing or subtitling sound design or digital conversion, editing or even organising and coordinating a camera crew, talk to ETS.